The Bowl Cut: The New Hairdo for Men in 2010


I have had enough of seeing the men’s slicked-back hairstyle, invented by the Italians more than five decades ago, made famous by models and now globally adapted by college students, yuppies, hipsters, straights, gays, and even lesbians. Especially in the last two years, you have seen this hairstyle on almost every fashion blog, TV, runway, in magazines, and at your local grocery store. I mention this not just out of anger, as this hairstyle will never work for me, but also because I think there’s no harm in embracing other kinds of hairstyle as an alternative in 2010.If was all up to me to decide what is in for men next year, my pick would be a bowl cut(known as a “pudding basin” in the UK), where the hair is shaved half way around the head and a line is cut around the head between the shaved part and the length on top, making it as if a bowl (or a “pudding basin”) was placed on the head and everything sticking out was shaved off. I bet some of you probably went through this at some point in your childhood, and some of you probably still hate your mom for it.

The Bowl Cut was made famous during the depression era, not by choice, but because people couldn’t afford to go to the barber and this haircut was so easily done at home, even a butcher could do it. Then in 1925, Moe Howard, the guy from the Three Stooges had a bowl cut and was widely recognized by it, and of course… no man wanted to look like one of the Three Stooges. Maybe that’s why women adapted bowl cuts long ago without any hesitation, but men? Not so much – I even had a hard time finding images on the net when I did my research. And that’s why, my friend… why you should get a bowl cut next time you go for a hair cut.

PS: I just got a bowl cut myself.

pic via anverse flickr